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FREE Sample Class

Jennifer Young

Welcome to our free sample course on starting your journey as a Certified Wellness Coach. Use enrollment code TKOB-ZNVM to get in.

Here is the course outline:

1. Welcome

In this free sample course, you'll set the stage to start earning a steady income, while working from home and setting your own hours, to start living a life you love.

2. What is Coaching?

Learners will understand the coaching process and gain an overview of the coaching process as a whole.

3. SAMPLE: Nutrition, Carbohydrates

Students will identify carbohydrate sources and describe the importance of fiber. They will gain an understanding of sugar and how to identify sugars in beverages and other foods. Students will learn about the role of insulin in normal functioning cells and how insulin resistance and prediabetes can lead to diabetes. They will be able to define and distinguish the different types of diabetes. Students will also learn about metabolic syndrome, as many companies are adopting outcomes-based incentives to reduce risk of these levels in their populations.

4. SAMPLE: Introduction to Physical Fitness and Guidelines for Exercise

• Define physical fitness • Identify the benefits of exercise • Goal setting: short-term and long-term goals; SMART goals • Identify special considerations before starting a physical fitness program • Describe warm-up and cool-down period • Identify safety precautions

5. SAMPLE: Introduction from our stress management course

Start thinking about managing stress differently, think about it as transforming stress.

6. SAMPLE: Relationship with Yourself

Tap into the power of your intuition and learn the self-management skills to become your best-self.

7. SAMPLE: Life Balance Course > Priorities vs. Life Balance

There truly is no such thing as life balance, it's all about setting priorities.

8. Set your Hours, Work from Home, Be more Present in your Life

Embarking on the journey of becoming a Wellness Coach is an exciting one that will inspire you to put your passions into the world on your own time. If you're ready to ditch the 9-5 and create your own schedule, you'll experience the ultimate freedom.

9. Wake up Everyday to a Life you Love and can be Proud of Living.

We have one life. Live it well. The Expert Coach Center is filled with passionate, health inspired individuals. Will you join us and start living a life you love?

10. Bonus! Free Membership & Course

Upon completion of the course, you'll automatically be enrolled in our member's lounge and our Business Building for the Nuggets e-course.

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