We offer three pathways to becoming a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Each pathway is 10 months long and is online with supplementary virtual teaching sessions and coaching cohorts.

The ICHWC Path

Is aligned to meet the rigorous criteria of the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaches, and requires attendance of 40 hours in the coaching cohorts. 

The CEWC Fast Track 

Is designed for those who lack formal training in Health and Wellness, or who have training limited to one area. This course covers coaching, nutrition, fitness, stress management, life balance, and relationships so you graduate with a strong and holistic view of health and wellness. This path has live weekly teaching sessions. Sessions are recorded and posted for later viewing. This path allows you to qualify for the ICHWC path by enrolling in the coaching cohorts for your 40 required hours. Ideal for the passionate health inspired soul who is seeking a greater depth of knowledge, connection with professionals in the field, and a network of support. 

The CEWC Self-Paced Track

Is the same as the Fast Track, however it does not qualify for the ICHWC because there are no live teaching sessions. Courses are fluid and do not have firm start and end dates. Ideal for the busy professional that doesn't intend to sit for the ICHWC exam.

Business & Marketing Support

Included in each pathway. Done for you coaching forms, website template, business launch blueprint, and all the tools you need to become successful in your coaching career. 

To get started, choose your pathway below.